Friday, 25 August 2017

Single from Dizu Plaatjies

A re-worked version of a track from Dizu Plaatjies award winning album, African Kings, has been prepared for release as a single.

Link to the track - PLAY

The track is called Danse Afrika. It has been mastered specifically for mobile device play with an eye on the streaming platforms like Spotify. The track gained quite a bit of attention when the album was released and members of Dizu's band, Ibuyambo described it as a "township shabeen hit" because it was played a lot in Cape Town township pubs.

The original title is Giya Kasimore - Danse Afrika . The song was written by Dizu in the 1980s and formed part of his live repertoire at the time. The newer version is a bit more pop/dance in its production style, though still with neo-traditional elements.

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