Thursday, 23 March 2017

Jan Wouter quarter tone guitar project, release date set.

The street date for Jan Wouter Oostenrijk's new quarter tone guitar album has been set. The album will be released on the 26th of May 2017.

Titled, We are Connected, the Rock Maghreb album is the next release on the Mountain Records label. The title refers to the cross over in the musical styles between western rock and African music. It also avers to the idea of people with differing cultural roots being connected through music.

This quarter tone guitar project is particularly interesting because Jan Wouter had to re-build the fingerboard of his 1981 Fender electric guitar in order to be able to perform the music he had written. The songs are inspired by north Africa, and make use of arabic musical scales.

Jan Wouter has a number of previous albums to his name in Jazz and Blues but this time he has recorded a progressive Rock album. The band is a classic, drums, bass and guitar line up adding some guitar and percussion overdubs.

The album is all instrumental. Initially the release will be available as a CD and through digital distribution sources.
Pic - Arnold van der Zee

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